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Trans-Portable 200w Laser Cleaner


LaserKing Pty Ltd – Leaders in Laser-Cleaners, introduced our New Trans-Portable TPL-200 Laser Cleaner to meet applications such as rust, paint stripping, coating removal, aircraft maintenance, automotive restoration and much more.

Application Field

1) Laser Rust Removal: Laser light can easily remove rust, after removal, the surface is restored to a bright metallic colour or restoration of original base colour.

2) Laser Oil Removal: Metal surface oil cleaning (can remove oxide film at the same time)

3) Laser Paint Removal: removes various paints including auto duco on various substrates and automobiles

4) Stripping coating (galvanised layer, aluminised layer, protective coating, etc.)

5) Removal of aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy oxide film

6) Pre-Weld Pretreatments: After laser cleaning pretreats the aluminium alloy, the welding porosity defects are effectively suppressed

7) Cleaning after welding: Non Contact NDT removal of post-weld oxide film and slag residue

8) Aluminium alloy pulsed lasers remove dirt and oxide film before welding

Product Advantages

1) Environmental Green Protection – no chemical reagents or media, no solvent, low noise

2) Trans-Portable – Smallest 200w portable available with safe contactless processing, cleaner with handheld operation 

3) Non Destructive Cleaning – only remove surface contaminants, Trans Portable Laser Cleaning from 200w is Air Cooled for operational stability

4) Easy to automate – easy integration, high efficiency and economical


Laser Power200W
Max Power40KW
Scan Width10-80mm
Cleaning Efficiency | Rust8.0㎡/h
Cleaning Efficiency | Paint9.0㎡/h
Cleaning Efficiency | Aluminum oxide6-7.5 m²/h